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Evesham Electronics | Battery, Wiring & Connections

Welcome to Evesham Electronics Limited. We manufacture a wide range of products for the electronics industry and manufacture to customer requirements and specification.

We manufacture and supply cable assemblies, terminals, connectors and cables. We are commited to providing high quality service and products with short lead times.

We are one of the few UK manufacturing companies that work closely with and supply products by Tyco and JST. Our range of connectors is comprehensive and display a level of quality and reliability.

We produce thousands of different cable assemblies from crimp and insert to ribbon cable IDC.

We are proud to manufacture solely in the UK and have established in this industry since 1990.

Evesham Electronics - Worcestershire | Equipment Evesham Electronics - Worcestershire | Products

Our extensive range of products include:

• Cut, strip & crimp
• Transformers
• Coil winding
• Cable assemblies
• Ribbon cable assembly
• Soldering
• BT cables
• Mains leads
• Wiring looms
• Computer cables


Cable Connectors
Cable Leads

Accessories & looms
Cut & splice

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